Thursday, May 19, 2005

Thank Ludwig!

Some days are more average than others. Today - so far - is one of those days. I dare say it's started out as being far below average.

Well, a correction is in place. It started out great! I had time to enjoy a nice warm breakfast with my wife and could even enjoy a slow stroll to the station because I had a few extra minutes. Then, on the train I received a call from the wife, saying I'd left my wallet at home and that she'd meet me at the station steps so she could give it to me. Awesome! I got to see her twice before going to work.

And then I got here and things quickly went down hill. For reasons I'm sure you can appreciate I won't go into details here; suffice to say that I've had a bout of flaming rage (inwardly so).

But then I remember that I've got some 26GB of music sitting on this computer - and among those billions of bytes are a few dedicated to good old Beethoven. As soon as I put on his 9th symphony I am instantly calmed. Yesterday I managed to listen to it twice.

Thanks, Ludwig. Would you have thought you'd rescue the day of a 21st century hack?

Wednesday, May 18, 2005

A SMS full of memories

I have a new phone. Well, I bought it a few months ago - and I'm so happy. You see, I used to have a trusty Nokia 3330, and good as it was, it could only store a very few text messages at a time. Every week I'd have to delete messages off my phone so I could receive new ones.

Anyway, the trusty Nokia died and I had to get myself a new phone. Well, the story's not quite that simple: I actually convinced my wife, then fiancee, to give me her phone and buy herself a new one. Good trick, eh? She also had a 3300, so I just swapped my SIM card over and kept on like nothing had happened.

But then that phone died too. And I had to buy a new one. This happened just after Christmas.

So I got myself a new phone, very flashy looking - but totally void of modern features such as a camera and MMS and all that stash. My requirements are that I can make calls, receive calls, send messages, and receive messages. I don't even use voice mail.

But I'm getting sidetracked here. The point is, my new phone (also a Nokia) can store lots of text messages. So many, in fact, that I go for months without having to delete any! It's great.

Yesterday was a day when I had to purge. Messages were streaming in from Norway where the constitution Day (May 17th) celebrations were underway, and I had to make room for all the well wishings and snippets of Norwegian springtime that arrived throughout the day. And in doing so I found a whole series of text messages from the morning of our wedding day.

The first one was from my dear sister Haldis while she was getting herself and her son ready for the ceremony - commenting on how perfect a day it was for a wedding (it's true, it was an astonishingly beautiful day). Then came another from my other sister Trine, much to the same effect.

There were messages from my best man Jens and his girlfriend Kristine; three in fact. One as they were checking out from their hotel in the city, one as they checked in at the hotel where the party was, and one when Jens was ready to meet me at the church.

The memories just flooded back. It seems kind of distant now, even though it's just six weeks ago. But it's a good kind of distant, the kind of memory that never really fades. All it takes is a little reminder and whooooooosh: You're transported back to that day, that place, and you're right there among those people.

Thank God for my wife, and for this little piece of technology that brightened my yesterday!

Friday, May 13, 2005

Go Kosovo.

Ah today's been just so busy I've not had a chance to write. But, I thought I'd share the little piece of internet that saved my day... enjoy!

Thursday, May 12, 2005

A Bug's Life

Wow, what a day!

Due to unfortunate circumstances and a silly misunderstanding the project I'm working on was promised delivered to the client at a cost of about half the number of hours I had estimated for the job. That makes for exciting times! I've spent about half of the time allocated to me already, which leaves just 25% of my estimated time to complete the project - like I said, it's getting more exciting by the minute.

Fortunately, though, I don't have to be at work to do work. No, I don't sit on the train tapping away on a laptop - train rides are reserved for reading books (Alice in Wonderland is my current read... lay off them drugs Lewis!). I don't even work on these things when I'm at home. It's when I go to bed that things happen.

You see, I regularly dream the solution to my problems. If I can't fix a bug in my program or if I'm torn over which design to follow - I just go to bed and the next morning my problem has been solved, or at least I have a much better idea. Weird.

But when I'm at work people yell at me when I fall asleep - they just don't understand that I'm not really sleeping. I am still working! So rather than squishing today's biggest bug by taking a quick nap I sweated over it for 40 minutes and then had to call a colleague over so that I could talk it through.

It turned out to be a really silly error - and gave me a good laugh. But it's not as good as taking a nap!

Wednesday, May 11, 2005

A fresh start.

Inspired by my wife I've decided to give this blogging thing another go. Now I'll just have to find the time to make this thing nice and pretty - and start dishing the dirt on what goes on in the life of this here expatriate Norwegian.